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MP3Clip 0.92 (last freeware version)
OS: Win9x/ME/NT4/2000/XP
Easily split mp3 files based on time lengths Splits on frame boundaries so no quality or functionality is lost! Can split up very large files as well as small files Create virtually an unlimited number of tracks Can grab time positions from winamp!
Download (264 KB)


DLExpert 0.99 (last freeware version)
OS: Windows 95/98/NT4
DLExpert is a multi-thread resuming downloading software. It makes full use of resources of the client and the server to download files from the Internet at the most speedy rate. DLExpert can divide the file into any parts, at most more than 100 parts (NOT ONLY 5 OR 6 PARTS). Each of them will be downloaded by one thread, so different parts can be downloaded simultaneously, resulting in speedy downloading. DLExpert supports HTTP and FTP, also HTTP and FTP proxy. Its function of auto-dial, auto-hangup, schedule downloading and auto-shutdown make it convenient.
Home Page: n/a
Download (739 KB)


WinDriversBackup Personal Edition 1.0.9 (last freeware version)
OS: Win9x/NT/ME/2000/XP
WinDriversBackup is a free utility provided by JerMar Software Corp. specifically for backing up your Windows system driver files.
WinDriversBackup can identify all of your Windows driver files and save them to a secure location in two simple mouse clicks. Backing up your Windows driver files means they will be available to you the next time you need to reinstall the driver or the whole operating system. WinDriversBackup places the driver files in one organized location of your choosing.
Home Page (DriverGuide Toolkit - commercial version):
Download (2404 KB)


X-Fonter 4.6 (last freeware version)
OS: Win9x/NT/ME/2000/XP
X-Fonter is a user friendly Font Viewer, Font Manager and 3D Graphic creator. It also allows you to make nice 3D Graphics that you can use for your webpages, emails and much more...
Home Page: (shareware version)
Download (843 KB)

Sophisticated Rename

Sophisticated Rename 1.7 (last freeware version)
OS: Win9x/NT/ME/2000/XP
Sophisticated Rename is a program that allows you to rename a lot of files according to intricate templates.
Download (908 KB)


CamStudio 2.0 (last freeware version)
OS: Win9x/Me/NT4/2000/XP
CamStudio records all screen activity into the standard AVI format which can be played back with Windows Media Player and many other third party tools that support the AVI format.
You can use CamStudio to: demonstrate features of a new software, create movies used in user trainings, track the progress of a program that executes for a long time, record the sequence of steps that cause the occurrence of bugs in faulty software, record a movie stream...
Home Page:
Download (1328 KB)


VCDEasy (last freeware version)
OS: Win9x/NT/ME/2000/XP
VCDEasy allows you to play your videos (from DV camcorder, DivX, DVD,...) and your pictures (from digital camera, scanner,...) on most of the home DVD Players. How? VCDEasy allows you to build easily VideoCDs (VCD/SVCD)! All you need to do is to provide VCDEasy with MPEG files compliant with the VideoCD specifications. 'Novice' users can simply select (VideoCD ready) MPEG files and click the 'go' button, while 'advanced' users can configure/use almost all aspects of the VideoCD specifications (PlayBack Control based interactivity, Chapters, Menus support, CD-i support...).
Home Page: (commercial version)
Download (10113 kB)

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