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FastOpen 2.2 (last freeware version)
FastOpen is a system-tray-based menu utility. It lets you launch your favorite programs, documents, Websites, and single-pane Explorer views of your frequently used folders from its right-click menu. Arrange your menu entries in any order you wish and add separators to organize items into logical groups. Options let you instantly add all drives to a menu or submenu; insert Run, Find, Open, Connect, and/or Disconnect commands; and automatically place a separator after a certain number of items. FastOpen is easy to use and a nice alternative to the Windows Start Menu.
Home (shareware)
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Hotkeycontrol XP

Hotkeycontrol XP 4.2.1 (last freeware version)
Hotkeycontrol XP is a complete hotkey utility that allows you to set hotkeys to do common tasks like opening files, ejecting your cdrom drives, restarting your computer, controlling active windows, controlling Windows media player and Winamp 3, changing volume, typing in commonly used text (macros) and much more. Besides the regular features, the volume status can be shown on the screen (OSD) or in the tray. You can also display any information on screen for easy access. The program is completely customizable in all aspects and has a great interface. Also the additional keys on your existing Multimedia/Internet keyboard can be used with Hotkeycontrol XP and all the hotkeys are functional even in games and in other full-screen DirectX applications.
Hotkeycontrol XP runs on Windows XP,2003,2000,ME,98. But some features require Windows XP/2000/2003.
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JoneSoft UnInstall Cleaner

JoneSoft UnInstall Cleaner 1.1.0 (last freeware version)
JoneSoft UnInstall Cleaner is a powerful alternative to Microsoft's "Add/Remove Programs". In addition to uninstalling software, it will identify and allow you to remove orphaned entries, add new entries and modify existing entries in the Add/Remove list.
JoneSoft UnInstall Cleaner is very simple to use. When opened, the list of software available for uninstalling (retrieved from the registry) is displayed with a green dot placed beside software where the uninstall program or component can be found, and a yellow dot placed beside software where the uninstall program or component cannot be found.
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Process Patrol

Process Patrol 2.01 (last freeware version)
OS: Windows 2000/XP/2003
If you want to use free file sharing programs, then you're stuck with boatloads of adware and spyware. Even if you manually kill a process with the Task Manager, a sibling process will often restart it immediately. Well now you can regain some control over your computer! Process Patrol kills unwanted processes on your machine, with a scan schedule that you specify. This allows your freeware to startup successfully with all of its adware. Then Process Patrol kicks in and kills the adware, freeing up memory and CPU cycles.
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Sleuth-hound! 2.18 (last freeware version)
The Sleuth-hound! is a really full-functional hard disk search engine. If you forget what folders contain your most important documents or you want to get all the documents on a certain subject just call The Sleuth-hound!. Show several keywords to it and command Find it! The Sleuth-hound! finds all the documents that contain the keywords and shows the list of them in easy-to-navigate Results Browser. Review the list. View the text with the highlighted keywords and choose the documents you need. Click on the header or name of the document and edit it in associated application.
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