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Ragtime Solo

Ragtime Solo 5.65 (last freeware version)
OS: Wondows All
RagTime is a frame-oriented application for Windows, which combines typical features from office programs such as spreadsheet calculations and text processing with the rich layout capabilities of DTP (desktop publishing) programs. With RagTime you design photo albums, travel diaries, invitations, budgetary plannings, financial statements for associations and much more. With RagTime, you have a single convenient layout environment in which you can process text, tables, drawings, pictures and graphs. The intuitive user interface simplifies your quick access to all of RagTime's functions.
Download (32,865 kB)

TimeCore Solo

TimeCore Solo 1.5.43 (last freeware version)
OS: Windows All
TimeCore is an award winning time tracking tool combining an elegant and intuitive interface with an industrial strength recording engine.
For people who need to track their time but find existing solutions overly complex or too lightweight, TimeCore Solo is free, delivering full round-trip functionality without any restrictions.
Features and Benefits:
- Freeware Licence - TimeCore Solo is free. No restrictions, limited functionality or time limits. No adware. No hidden spyware. No nags.
- Simple & Intuitive Interface - minimal learning curve means you can be up and running immediately; TimeCore tracks and categorises your time as you go, including innovative features to make data entry fast and accurate.
- Template Driven Display - adapt TimeCore to your working environment by changing the default fonts, captions and colours. Perfect for translation.
- Powerful Search Engine - ask questions and get answers using the flexible multi-field search capability and then export your results for further analysis.
- Many more features...
Download (3294 kB)


Cupertino 1999-12-23 (last freeware version)
OS: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000
Free FTP client with a Windows Explorer-like interface.
- Copy/Move/Delete multiple items, including trees (directories)
- Copy/Move between FTP servers
- Copy/Move within same FTP server
- Copy/Move between FTP server and local drive
- Local file operations (Copy / Move / Delete / Rename ... )
- Drag and Drop
- 100% keyboard support (you don't need a pointing device)
Home: ?
Download (306 kB)


GIF2SWF 2.5 (last freeware version)
OS: Windows All
So, you want to have Flash design on your web pages. Well here is the simplest tools to make that creation possible. Beginners, Intermediate and Professional web designers alike will enjoy the ease of use of this product.
Simple, it will process any static (one picture) or animated GIF (many pictures that are called frames) to the SWF format (Shockwave) which is the format for the FLASH Movies. It also maintains the file size of the original image. And it allows you to embed unremovable links to your Movies. So you can convert Banners, Icons, Link Buttons, etc.
Home (shareware version)
Download (447 kB)

Ulead GIF Animator

Ulead GIF Animator 2.0 (last freeware version)
OS: Windows All
Everything you need to start making those adorable little animated gif files...
Home (shareware)
Download (4642 kB)

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