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Pimmy 3.5 (last freeware version)
OS: Windows All
Your personal postman. One of the lightest e-mail program available on the Net, Pimmy lets you manage your mail on an unlimited number of mailboxes and write messages using different signatures and account. You can store your mail in easy-to-use folders on your disk, or delete it from the server before dowloading it. Pimmy can automatically download and filter messages and allows you to write messages off-line and send them when connected. Moreover, Pimmy also manages newsgroups displaying messages in tree view.
Home (shareware)
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Save2FTP 1.9 (last freeware version)
OS: Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003
AVPSOFT Save2FTP is an easy-to-use utility designed for an automatic online backup of your important data to remote FTP servers. It will help you organize your backups and schedule automatic backups. Save2FTP also features intuitive user interface making even the most advanced features easily accessible to beginners and professionals. It is designed to fit all your needs completely.
Home (shareware)
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UltraFXP 1.07 (last freeware version)
OS: Windows All
UltraFXP is an FTP client for MS Windows. It can transfer files from FTP servers directly to and from your local hard drive, or transfer files between FTP sites (site to site transfer). The user interface is very intuitive and full of features, synchronization of folders and drag 'n drop.
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UnClean 2.0 (last freeware version)
OS: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
UnClean (short for Uninstall Cleanly) provides full and clear access to all available uninstall information from the Registry, and does so for any of the six current Windows platforms. It also lets you delete an uninstall entry if you discover that it is no longer valid. And of course it lets you remove, change, or repair programs in the same way the built-in Add/Remove Programs does. The install utility for any Windows application should put the uninstall command for that application into the Registry. Modern install utilities add quite a bit more - the expected size of the installation, install date, publisher's name, URL for tech support, and so on. Unfortunately, the Add/Remove Programs applet for NT4, Win95, Win98, and WinME ignores all this information, showing nothing but a simple list of programs that can be uninstalled. Windows 2000 and XP have an updated Add/Remove Programs applet that provides access to this new information, but it's sluggish and awkward. Besides uninstalling programs, you can use UnClean to study detailed information about each uninstall entry in the Registry. Windows 2000 and XP provide some additional data on installed programs that may be useful. UnClean will help you find defective entries, and help you decide just what to uninstall. And it allows creation of a permanent record, in print or file, of the entire list or of any entry's details.
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WinsockXP 1.2 (last freeware version)
OS: Windows XP
WinSock XP Fix offers a last resort if your Internet connectivity has been corrupted due to invalid or removed registry entries. It can often cure the problem of lost connections after the removal of Adware components or improper uninstall of firewall applications or other tools that modify the XP network and Winsock settings. If you encounter connection problems after removing network related software, Adware or after registry clean-up; and all other ways fail, then give WinSock XP Fix a try. It can create a registry backup of your current settings, so it is fairly safe to use.
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