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AI RoboForm

AI RoboForm 4.6.8 (last uncrippled freeware version)
OS: Win9x/ME/NT/2000/XP
AI RoboForm is a push-button web form filler with some serious Artificial Intelligence (AI) inside. It allows you to define your personal profile or "usual" responses to a web form. This information is then saved, and when you need to fill a form, just click "Fill Forms" button, and form is filled out. AI RoboForm is fully client-based, so it is very fast, it never disables web site functions, and it works even in pop-up HTML windows. The most important feature of AI RoboForm is high accuracy - it fills 95% of all fields correctly. The RoboForm will also save (and assist in managing) your passwords. The program integrates with Internet Explorer versions 4 to 6, any browser based on IE (AOL, MSN, NetCaptor, NeoPlanet, etc), and with Netscape 7/ Mozilla. AI RoboForm can fill forms in English (US and UK), Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish and Swedish. NOTES: The Liteware version is freeware for personal use. Liteware versions limit the number of Passcards. Identities, Tab Instances in Identities and Custom Fields in Identity.
Home Page: Siber Systems (Shareware, Liteware)
Download (736 kB)


ShowCalc 3.01 (last freeware version)
OS: Win95/98/NT
32-bit calculator that, in addition to basic arithmetic, memory and scientific functions (hex, trig, and log modules), includes an extremely useful, scrolling 'tape Window' that allows you to easily view your work. You can then print this adding machine-like tape, or copy the data onto your clipboard for use in other applications.
Home Page: n/a
Download (710 kB)

Kerio Personal Firewall

Kerio Personal Firewall 2.1.5 (last freeware version)
OS: Win98/Me/NT4/2000/XP
Kerio Personal Firewall is a small and easy to use system designed for protecting a personal computer against hacker attacks and data leaks. It is based on the ICSA certified technology used in the WinRoute firewall. The firewall itself runs as a background service, using a special low-level driver loaded into the system kernel. This driver is placed at the lowest possible level above the network hardware drivers. Therefore, it has absolute control over all passing packets and is able to ensure complete protection of the system it is installed on.
Author/Home Page: Kerio (commercial version)
Download (2018 kB)


eCleaner 2.02 (last freeware version)
OS: Win95/98/Me/NT/2000
Do you forward your favorite e-mail jokes to all your friends? Your wit will be better appreciated if it doesn't arrive with '>>>>>' at the beginning of every line. This nifty little program removes them from e-mail messages, making them look cleaner and preventing choppy word wraps. Now if only it made the jokes funny.
Note: Although this program works, it is no longer supported by the author.
Author/Home Page: Steve Chin
Download (446 kB)


MoveOnBoot 1.95 (last freeware version)
OS: Win95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
MoveOnBoot allows you to copy, move or delete files on the next system boot. This can come handy if you need to replace or delete files that are locked by other applications, loaded into memory or cannot be changed until next system boot.
Home Page: (shareware)
Download (269 kB)


Abilon (last freeware version)
OS: Win98/Me/2000/XP
Abilon displays headlines from RSS (Rich Site Summary - Really Simple Syndication) Channels in an easy to read format. It is small, fast, and free. Adding new channels is as simple as right-clicking and entering the address of the feed.
An RSS aggregator gives you all of the top headlines at a glance, without having to re-visit each site. The more sites you would normally visit, the greater your time savings wiil be. For heavy internet users the time savings are significant. For those who just want to stay informed, you can't beat the convenience.
Home Page: (?)
Download (579 kB)

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